We believe that just as each person, every flower is unique and we create distinctive floral designs that reflect individuality. This adventure began in our old studio flat in London, there, surrounded by beautiful colorful flowers, we realized that we were on the right path. Working with flowers is a privilege and we are aware of it. We deeply love our floral lifestyle.

With Italian and Mexican roots, our arrangements have a distinctive multicultural influence.

Headed up by design duo Maria Nini Torres & Simone Olivieri.


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  • Eclectic Flowers

    ‘Eclectic Flowers,’ runs Bimba’s tagline. But this wasn’t always the case for the founders of the North London-based floristry studio. Nini Torres and her husband, Simone Oliver, were both artists before they decided to make the switch. ‘We wanted to have a job where we could use our creativity and have fun,’ says Torres. ‘Flowers were the obvious answer.’

    The pair learned about floristry in Paris and London. 'I had the big opportunity to do my internship (work experience) in one of the most beautiful flower boutiques in central London, where I learned the old school floristry techniques, such as the perfect dome arrangements, working next to a very talented florist with a very long career. The owner of the shop, Feri, a very elegant persian lady told me once to try to create something different, that's when I started looking for my very own style, and started designing very unique floral arrangements. I'll always be very grateful to her and her family,’ says Torres.

    ‘We like to explore different techniques and give each arrangement a strong character that represents the floral grace of each season.’

    Bimba’s influences range far and wide, drawing on the respective cultural heritage of the founders. ‘Simone is Italian, I’m a Mexican,’ says Torres. ‘Our different personalities help us to create unique pieces, following the Italian aesthetic but inspired by Mexican colours. Our floral style is very creative and fun also greatly influenced by the works of the great Dutch masters of the golden age. The fauvism, the first modern movement in which colour rules supreme. Bold, vibrant, almost fluorescent colours used in an unusual approach, and a highly gestural in a very intuitive application of paint and Constance Spry's creative freedom, her daring floral arrangements, a mixture of elements such as moss, fruit, strange vases and delicate flowers, as she well said "Open your mind to all forms of beauty".  However, We made a twist. The first thing that will catches your eye in our designs are the colours. Because our bouquets are rich in energetic, vibrant and bright.'

    The couple use their artistic backgrounds to create exclusive designs that, according to Olivieri, always must have one thing in common. ‘They have to be harmoniously wild.’

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