Collection: Baby flowers

Births are very special moments in the life of a family. A new little one is added to the family, a new adventure! and it is just the beginning of a long journey. All the people around them want to demonstrate their joy and congratulate the blessed family. What would be the best gift? Flowers! Bimba flowers for a baby’s birth are a very traditional gift to welcome that new life that has come into the world. Flowers at the birth of a baby are a sign of affection, and are demonstrations of love and unconditional support. The purpose is to cheer up the environment and provide freshness on a day nurtured with affection, love, and hugs. The old school teaches us to always give a newborn flowers in pink, yellow, and blue. But if you like the modern vibe, we propose a bouquet full of colours, a big celebration. A new baby represents a miracle! And what is better than a riot of colours to celebrate?