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Ikebana means "Living Flower" and is the ancient Japanese art of floral design, which uses a particular technique that gives it a very aesthetic characteristic, with the aim of expressing respect and harmony towards nature.

Ikebana is much more than a technique for aesthetic purposes, it is considered a form of meditation, since it promotes relaxation and well-being. When it is performed you keep your mind in the present time. For its creation natural materials are used, such as branches, vines, leaves, herbs, fruits, seeds and flowers, in modern ikebana other media such as glass or metal are also used.

To the development of Japanese Ikebana, there are several rules, the first and most important is absolute silence, to practise meditation, since it is necessary for the person to be connected with nature.

The flowers should always go up, so the direction will always point to the sky. Which is the most important line, the one that represents Heaven and is called "Shin".

The Soe'' stem, which symbolises Man. It is placed in such a way as to give the effect of an oblique development projected in front of the centerline.

The "Hikae", represents the Earth, and is inserted to the front or slightly to the opposite side of the base.

Ikebana is an art of flower arrangements, which takes time, dedication and effort, which symbolises the harmony between the universe, the sky, the sea and the earth.

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