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Valentine's Flowers ❤️ 

Valentine and flowers as a symbol of eternal love. When we talk about Valentine's Day, we talk about LOVE and when we talk about love, Cupid comes to mind. According to Roman mythology, Cupid was considered the god of amorous desire. It is said that Venus gave Cupid two types of arrows: one with a gold tip that was to grant love, the other with a lead tip that sowed oblivion.

The little Cupid like the flowers represents how ephemeral love can be, in fact, it is said that the little Cupid sometimes appears blindfolded, referring to the fact that love does not see the other person's flaws. It is so interesting how Love is surrounded by mythology and flowers, and both have gone hand in hand in so many moments in history that giving flowers has become a language to express feelings and affection.

Surprise this Valentine's Day with bimba flowers! Tell those people you love that you appreciate them and how beautiful the world is with them. We like to think of Valentine's Day as a date to celebrate any kind of love.

You can surprise your soul mate, your lover, your partner, your best friend, your family with our flowers, that's why we create a wide variety of flowers, from the classic ones in red and pink tones to the boldest ones that each year are more popular and colourful. and artistic.

At Bimba we think that the bouquet you choose is a reflection of your soul, and we believe that just as each person, every flower is unique and we create distinctive floral designs that reflect individuality. Then what would you choose, the classic red ones or a bold and stunning one?

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day!! -YOU SMELL LIKE LOVE ❤