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When choosing the flowers for your wedding, the most important thing regardless of your budget, will be to choose the perfect bridal bouquet. Keep in mind the rule: simple dress matches an incredibly stunning bouquet, or breathtaking dress will look better with a very easy bouquet.

In the case that you have a big budget once you have chosen the perfect bouquet that will match perfectly your dress, then you can start thinking about how you will decorate wonderfuly with flowers the venue. Please get in touch, we would love to help you to pick the most beautiful flowers for your wedding.

But if you have a very tight budget, I would recommend investing all the money allocated for wedding flowers in your bridal bouquet, since it has to be spectacular, it will be the one that will accompany you throughout the ceremony and will appear in all your photos.

A good idea would be to invite one of our designs to your wedding.
Just pick the deluxe size and let us know in advance that instead of a bouquet in a box you would like me to create the bridal version.

These are some pictures of our Berlin bouquet (in a bridal style) it was completely breathtaking, have a look of this wonderful pictures of MEGAN + JACK ♡  by Tash Busta. 

Photography by Tash Busta 
Photography by Tash Busta
Photography by Tash Busta

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