Our philosophy

We are forever in love with our flowers, their shapes, uniques and colours.

We work with flowers in every possible form and we are always searching for new experiments, constantly cooking up new projects using a creative melange of natural ingredients.

To us floristry it is a colourful explosion that’s like aesthetic,textures, and painting in one.

Beauty helps human life, its presence is essential to achieve optimal levels of well-being.

It’s magical to create floral arrangements because we are always very surprised by the result, flowers are always different, so each work is unique, and the best part is that every season provides a fresh start.

Our mission is to do what we love most, create floral designs with unique flowers, bringing moments of joy, love and serenity to our clients.


We would love to be part of your special day, for all weddings, events, private gatherings, photo shoot, set design, weekly corporate subscriptions, get in touch.

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